Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my Blog. I’m Roshani Wickramasinghe. I was born in Sri Lanka and now live in the USA. I’m a full-time food blogger, recipe developer, and content creator. And this is my virtual comfort place where I share the best food recipes I make with love.

Hobby to a Blogger

When I first moved to the United States, I only knew how to cook eggs, lentil curry, rice, and coconut sambol. No kidding!  Being a big foodie, I spent every extra rupee I had, to eat out when I was in Sri Lanka. But when I moved to the US, I only had a part-time job while I was completing my studies, So I had a really tight budget which made eating out too expensive. And there were no Sri Lankan restaurants. Not even within 100 miles. So whenever I wanted something I loved, I had no other choice but to cook. And it turned out I’m actually really good at making food.

I loved making new recipes. Loved recreating my favorite food from my childhood. I spent all my extra time reading cookbooks and learning about food science. Learned and tried new dishes and techniques from other cuisines. Also fell in love with bread baking. I shared some of my photos on social media and then my social media started growing. People wanted recipes and I also wanted a place to document my recipes and that’s when the blog came to life.

Recipes you can rely on

I love easy simple recipes. As much as I cooking, I don’t want to spend the whole day cooking in the kitchen. So I always try to simplify my recipes so any busy person, any beginner here can try it and enjoy the food.

You’ll find many Sri Lankan recipes on my blog. Sri Lankan food is my specialty. That’s what I grew up eating. Sri Lankan food is so underrated because it’s not as widespread as other cuisines. And honestly, there aren’t many online resources to research more about this amazing cuisine and food culture. My long-term goal in making this blog is to have a good collection of the best Sri Lankan recipes that anybody can actually rely on. I hope one day I’ll get there… 

Living in the USA has exposed me to a myriad of cuisines I hadn’t encountered before. Exploring various foods, ingredients, cultures, and cooking methods has been a significant part of my journey. I especially love Asian cuisines and I thoroughly enjoy recreating restaurant dishes in my own kitchen. You’ll discover my beloved Asian recipes showcased here alongside other culinary delights.

Have fun cooking

I really hope you give my recipes a try. I’ve put a lot of effort into testing them to make sure they turn out great. All I want is for you to find helpful recipes and articles on my food blog and have fun cooking!

Feel free to send me photos if you’ve tried any of the recipes. And if you have any questions about Sri Lankan food or any of the recipes here, just ask! I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback. You can find my contact information on the “Contact Us” page.

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